We it slow it down this episode and try to have some actual conversations. Movies, Tom Hanks, and Quentin Taratino. Cell phone etiquette and a new term discovered, "whoreintal".

The Beers Up! Podcast is hosted by a couple of good buddies who love to drink, laugh and talk about the outrageous times they've experienced together. So grab a beer, relax and have a laugh with us. Enjoy! 
September 16, 2013

Hey Now, Thanks!

We would like to take a little time and say thanks. Its been a blast so far and we wanna show some appreciation. For everyone who listens, writes to us and spreads the word to others who might enjoy the show. THANK YOU.  beersup@gmail.com, hit our FB page up.  Sorry for the long waits between shows. A new episode is coming in the next couple of days. BEERSUP!